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Michael Fassbender Shines as David

Here’s the latest viral video for Prometheus featuring a sublime performance by Michael Fassbender as David, the film`s artificial protagonist or antagonist – can`t be certain which side David will lean towards just yet. If you are familiar at all with the Alien franchise, you would know that robots have either been a technological blessing or an astronaut`s worst nightmare (2001`s Hal 9000 rings-a-bell). In the past, the franchise`s artificial counterparts have been played brilliantly (Ian Holm as Ash in Alien; LanceĀ Henriksen as Bishop in Aliens) and Fassbender`s performance in this clip proves that Alien fans have nothing to worry about – this robot is in good hands!

Someone has a splitting headache...


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International Prometheus Trailer

The Origin of our Species?

Is it just me or do the trailers for Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi spectacular Prometheus keep getting better and better? And this one definitely takes the cake. We are given more narrative hints as to what the film is really about. I find it pretty funny how Scott, producers, and writers keep denying that this is not an Alien prequel, but as each trailer has been released, greater ties to the Alien franchise are evident. For instance, in the latest International trailer, if you pay close attention, you actually see what appears to be a full moving figure that uncannily resembles Alien’s space jockey. I haven’t been so pumped for a science fiction film since probably District 9.

What do you think? Will Prometheus live up to the hype?




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Ridley Scott meet TED

I like viral video campaigns as much as the next person, but really enjoy the cleverness of this teaser for the much anticipated ‘unofficial’ Alien prequel, Prometheus. Watch this video and you’ll realize that the connection of this film to the Alien series is much clearer than what has been previously disclosed. The last moments should spell it out for you.

I think the constant need to remind people that this isn’t an Alien movie has worked in their favour of creating a lot of buzz around its release. However, what the trailers and this video are really saying is that, “Okay, you got us! It’s definitely an Alien movie”.

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