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to tweet or not to tweet, that is the question

"Kermi, Shut Him Up!"

Came across an interesting article while crawling twitter today. The Vancouver Sun published an article named, “Tweet seats: Not in Vancouver,” which basically discusses the growing trend of performing art presenters and venues in the States allocating a block of seats to their performances for what they refer to as you guessed it, ‘tweet seats’. Don’t think I need to explain what these special ‘seats’ are for, it’s in the name!

The logic behind this trend is two-fold. One: It enables those annoying techno-aholics to keep up-to-date with that ’emergency’ tweet or status update without being interrupted by the performance they paid all of their hard-earned money to see. Two: it helps market the show and venue by patrons engaging their audiences, in ‘real-time’ as to what they are hopefully enjoying about the performance. It also attracts a more ‘youthful’ patron (in theory) whom is already ‘tweeting’ their faces off at sporting events or music concerts. Heck, maybe they’ll see something so amazing that maybe a friend or two will notice and buy themselves a ticket.

From a presenters perspective, why not, there’s always a group of idiots texting or whispering on their mobile devices anyways, why not brand them and toss them off into a quarantined area. However, from an artist/performer perspective, I could see someone’s response: “What? They are allowing ‘what’ now during our show? Are you kidding me?” Worst case scenario is that it could even cause a mid-performance freak out à la Patti LuPone. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean (listen carefully).

Okay, enough from me. What do YOU think? Move in the right direction or stupid…stupid… stupid…social experiment?

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