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Goodbye Battery Charger, Say Hello to ‘Power Felt’!

Woah, I know 'Power Felt'

I’m always amazed at the speed in which smartphones, computing and overall digital technology is constantly changing the way we interact with the world, but this is just plain cool and very eco-friendly might I add.

You may have heard of the Powermat, wirelessly charging your electronic devices by placing your device on a flat mat. Yeah – this blows that out of the water! ‘Power Felt’ is a fabric material that can use your body heat and turn it into an electrical current, thus being able to charge your phone, and who knows what else in the future. Check out the video above. The technology isn’t exactly there yet to be practical, but it will.

Read more on ‘Power Felt’ HERE.

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A lot of jingle to these Sleigh Bells

Caught this act on SNL last weekend. Although, the whole 2-3 band members performing over a drum machine seemed a little gimicky at first, I slowly began to warm up to them. Their beats are punchy, guitar riffs are scretchy, and the soft spoken vocals counteract all of this noise (I mean noise as a compliment!) quite nicely. This track is called, “Comeback Kid” and was one of the songs performed on SNL. Enjoy!

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One Generic Movie Poster Coming Right Up!

so you want to be a modern poster designer?

Came across this very telling piece of imagejournalism (has that term been used before? meh I’m using it anyways!). I’m always fascinated by poster designs in general and this image says it like it is. Look at each one independently and think to yourself, “what movie poster does this remind me of?” What’s the first title that pops in your brain?

I’d love to hear what others have to say. Here’s mine:

Wacky Comedy -> Wedding Crashers

Romantic Comedy -> How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Dramatic Suspense -> Double Jeopardy

Action -> The Bourne Identity

Powerfist -> Green Lantern, Superman Returns, Batman (Tim Burton’s, and definite textbook example) – Can’t help it, all 3 came to me at once.

Children’s Movie in 3-D -> Garfield (*this one’s uncanny)

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What I’m really looking for is a car that ‘tweets’!

BMW Twitter Billboard from CUNDARI on Vimeo.

I’ve driven past this dealership quite a bit lately and remember when I first drove past thinking, “no, are those little twitter birds on top of that building…yes, they are.” I’m intrigued at the idea of using a social media site like Twitter to sell cars. I mean, it’s a very cute and interesting initiative and marketing campaign and all, but at the end of the day, is the option of ‘tweeting’ while you’re driving enough of a selling point to tip you over the edge to purchase a car, and not just any car, but a Beemer.

I mean this is a BMW we are talking about. Like many other luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz and Lexus, BMW has a very loyal customer following. I’m not sure someone in the market for a luxury sports car really cars about whether they can tweet while they drive or not. You’d think they’d care more about its exterior/interior styling, engine specs & performance etc. I could be wrong though. BMW customers don’t just care about getting from point A to B, they want to get from point A to B in style. I think a campaign like this might be more fitting for more common brands like Chevy, Toyota, or Honda. I could totally see a Yaris commercial with a little blue bird behind the wheel.

I’m on the fence with this one. Personally, I ‘m not attracted to the idea of being constantly updated along my drive as to whether @etcanada reports that Lindsey Lohan has checked into rehab again. I look at screens enough as it is in front of a computer or television screen. Sometimes it’s just nice to ‘shut-off’ or ‘disconnect’ and enjoy the ride!

Here’s a bit of info on the campaign… Do you care if your car can ‘tweet’ or not?

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Coming to a Theatre Near You: YouTube

“Suddenly one day some little fat girl in Ohio is going to be the new Mozart… and make a beautiful film with her father’s little camera-corder, and for once this whole professionalism about movies will be destroyed forever and it will become an art form.” – Francis Ford Coppola

Alright, YouTube isn’t actually coming to a silver screen near you, but a video that has gone viral via YouTube is!

According to Variety, Paramount has recently recruited some writers of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm fame to help pen a script for a feature-length big screen adaptation of a YouTube viral sensation.The lucky video to be given the silver screen treatment is “Ultimate Dog Tease”, a video just shy of one in a half minutes featuring a comedic (I don’t know, didn’t think it was that funny) voice over actor uttering lines as if he were narrating the thoughts and ideas of his German Sheppard (Look Who’s Talking Now anyone?). I’m sure this wasn’t the direction Mr. Coppola had in mind for his “art form”.

I know, sounds like a train wreck right. Obviously, not the first time Hollywood has chosen to adapt the strangest of pop culture fodder i.e. Battleship (I didn’t realize gigantic alien ships were hidden beneath the transparent blue plastic surfaces of the board game, huh?!), Julie and Julia (I know the film was adapted from some books, but inspiration was derived from a blog), and apparently the gel-filled action hero, Stretch Armstrong (I’m pretty sure this is already the title for some porn flick).

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“Lights, Camera, Dujardin?”

What can’t The Artist star, Jean Dujardin do?! In this clip from Funny or Die, Dujardin struts his acting abilities for what is likely to be an onslaught of movie offers when he wins Best Actor later this month at the Academy Awards. And of course he’ll be a villian. As he demonstrates here, there really is no action movie villian too evil or too complex for this charming French gentleman to play. And I love the opening credits for this clip à la Jean-Luc Godard, Une Femme est une Femme (1961). It is how they say, “fantastique”!

“Lights, Camera, Action!”

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The One Instrument Band

Can’t get enough of this track and sure you’ve heard it before, but really like the video that goes along with it. Very artsy and full of stop-motion animation.

If you’ve ‘youtube-ed’ Gotye’s song before, then you’ve probably come across this Canadian indie group’s cover of “Somebody That I Used to Know”. You’ve heard of a one-man band, but have you heard of a ‘one instrument band’!? Now you have! Apparently, these guys (& gal) have recently been signed to a major record contract with Columbia Records as a result of their video that I can see has had over 50 million views. Not bad for a little Canadian group that could

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